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Protein Fortified Cookies

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Product Description

Boost Protein Intake with Protein Fortified Cookies

Your body needs protein to heal from health issues, recover from exercise and/or rehabilitate from injuries, but it can be difficult or unappetizing to get it from one source. You may:

  • Require a high calorie; and low protein, fluid, and sodium diet, as in renal cases
  • Struggle with allergies to other protein sources, like dairy
  • Eat a vegetarian diet and/or don’t eat meat
  • Need variety or a supplement to boost protein intake
  • Have a busy schedule and are always on the go

Protein powders and supplements can be expensive, but comparatively, protein cookies are an unexpectedly affordable, easy and enjoyable way to supplement. In fact, premium protein cookies containing all essential amino acids (like eggs, milk, poultry, and meat) can be part of a high-calorie diet that prevents the breakdown of body protein.

Taste and texture are also driving the popularity of protein in a cookie form, as the act of chewing brings more satisfaction than drinking a liquid supplement.

Nutra Balance: protein cookies that really are healthy

Our protein fortified cookies were made specifically with your renal requirements in mind. They comprise less than 3 percent water, accommodating fluid-restricted diets, and pack up to 9 grams of protein per cookie in flavors that include:

  • Chocolate Chip      (50/2 oz.)
  • Vanilla                     (50/2 oz.)
  • Oatmeal Raisin      (50/2 oz.)
  • Peanut Butter         (50/2 oz.)
  • Re/Gen Spice         (50/2 oz.)
  • Lemon (No Sugar Added for Diabetics)         (36/1.5 oz.)
  • Oatmeal (No Sugar Added for Diabetics)      (36/1.5 oz.)

Easily freezable, Nutra Balance’s protein cookies also have a six-month shelf life. They typically don’t sit for that long, however. Soft, nutritious and delicious, our protein cookies are kid-approved and are often ordered monthly by the case among renal patients and athletes.

Nutra Balance is your one-stop-shop for easy-to-absorb and digestible medical food supplements in liquid and powder forms. Our other dietary supplements, including fortified beverages, thickeners, and fiber juice, support a range of health conditions. Try them today!

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