Egg White Protein
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Egg/Pro – Protein Module


Gluten Free Egg White Protein (100% Pure Protein), the highest quality biological protein available to us.

  • 4 grams protein per tablespoon.
  • 100% Bio-Available.
  • 6 – 10 oz. cans.
  • For infants, children and adults.
  • This egg white protein powder supplement can be used for patients who experienced unintended weight loss, dialysis, and post surgery.
  • UPC / Case: 807249 91110

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Product Description

Egg White Protein

Protein is vital to nearly every function in the body. It helps cells repair and regenerate. This is why supplementation is important for healing and growth support.

Egg white protein is one of the highest quality types of protein available. It is low calorie and contains no saturated fat, no cholesterol, and no sugar. It’s a safe way to support your health–especially if you are struggling with health vulnerabilities and need to build muscle and improve nourishment.

Egg/Pro powdered egg white protein

Nutra Balance’s egg white supplement, Egg/Pro, contains 4 grams of protein per tablespoon. It comes in a powder form to give you greater versatility: longer storage and shelf life without the risk of salmonella.

This powder formulation is 100 percent bio-available, efficiently absorbed by your body, and instantized, which means it dissolves completely into any liquid you choose – it won’t lump up or settle at the bottom when added to liquids.

Egg protein vs. other sources

Whey products and egg white protein both provide all the amino acids that your body needs but can’t produce. They both achieve the highest protein efficiency rating, well above soy products.

But while whey contains vitamins, minerals, and highly beneficial peptides, it can cause digestive issues for people who are lactose intolerant, or worse, are allergic to lactose.

Egg white protein is a much more viable option for most people.

Good taste – no taste

If you’re concerned about taste for protein powder supplements, you can be assured our unflavored egg white protein powder will mix into any other liquid without affecting its taste or texture.

Egg white protein supplement is good for all diets

Everyone can use a little more protein! And our Egg/Pro is a great way to get it.

We collaborate with registered dieticians and doctors in the formulation of our products, and many physician partners recommend Egg/Pro for post-surgery, kidney dialysis, and cancer patients, among others, and for people who experienced unintended weight loss – or want to gain.

Easy product access

Nutra Balance is your one-stop-shop for easy-to-absorb and digestible medical food supplements in liquid and powder forms. Our other dietary supplements, including fortified beverages, thickeners, and protein cookies, support a range of health conditions.

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