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High-quality nutrition is vital for any healing, preventative or restorative process, but it can be challenging to find. That’s why we provide a range of nutritional liquid supplements for people who need extra support.

We have pre-surgery and post-surgery supplements and other medical food and dietary supplements for cancer patients; those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, decubiti (pressure ulcers), constipation or IBS, diverticulitis, athletes, the elderly, and even children and toddlers who struggle with constipation.

Nutra Balance is your one-stop-shop for easy-to-absorb and digestible medical food supplements in liquid and powder forms. We support your health with products that provide added fiber, protein and electrolyte balance, so that you have more energy, strength, clarity and reduced inflammation and risk of disease.

Nutra Balance Supplements

Juice Plus Fibre

Get ⅓ of your daily fiber requirement with pure fruit juice blended with 10 grams of natural dietary soluble fiber. You taste the juice, not the fiber.

Pre-Thickened Liquids

Thickened liquids are ideal for those who struggle with swallowing (dysphagia). We use cellulose gum, not starch, as the thickening agent because it is tasteless. No mixing or measuring is necessary, and it’s available in a nectar, honey, or pudding thickness. Just chill and serve.

Re/Gen Renal Supplement

This supplement is made with low electrolyte levels (potassium, phosphorous, sodium, calcium, magnesium) for renal dialysis patients and those who need to limit consumption. Comes in a 6-ounce portion size to help limit fluid intake. It is lactose-free – and we offer a ‘no sugar added’ version as well.

Thik & Clear

Designed to ease intake for people who struggle with swallowing, this is a fully hydrating powder that thickens beverages using a cellulose gum thickening agent that is taste-free. It mixes into any fluid to produce a nectar, honey, or pudding thickness.

Egg/Pro – Protein Module

Highest quality biological protein for infants, children, and adults. Helpful for patients on dialysis, post-surgery and those battling weight loss.

Protein-Fortified Cookies

High protein, high calorie and 100 percent compliance. These cookies provide an enjoyable option beyond liquid nutritional supplements.

Protein Fortified Cookies – No Sugar Added

High protein, high calorie and 100 percent compliance. The same nutritional value and taste of our protein-fortified cookies without the sugar.

Get what your doctor ordered – fast

Because we work closely with registered dietitians and physicians, these medical nutrition products are likely to fit into your doctor’s treatment plan. They are readily available for you to order directly, unlike hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and pharmacies that typically don’t stock such specialty items. We don’t want you to have to wait for the care you need. You can order and buy direct from the manufacturer, Nutra Balance.

Medical nutrition supplements

Certain conditions and chronic health issues result in nutritional deficiencies.

Find out what supplements help with different health issues and which may be most beneficial for your specific condition:

Please contact us learn more. We look forward to serving you!

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