Swallowing Issues (Dysphagia)

Dysphagia Products for Swallowing Issues

Dysphagia and Swallowing IssuesInfants, children, and adults of all ages suffer from different types of swallowing issues and dysphagia every day. In order for those individuals to drink safely and receive the appropriate amounts of daily nutrition, they might need to use specialized thickeners or other dysphagia products.

There are a variety of conditions that are known to cause swallowing problems, but sometimes the cause can’t be identified. Some cancer treatments are known to affect swallowing. Having a stroke or another brain or spinal cord injury can affect a person’s ability to swallow too.

Dysphagia is also a side effect of certain neurological disorders—including multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, and Parkinson’s disease. No matter what the case might be, it’s important to find the right dysphagia food products to help give your body the nutrients it needs.

What to Look For in Dysphagia Food Products

If you or a loved one is having trouble swallowing on a regular basis, it can help to use dietary dysphagia products like thickeners. They can help prevent choking by changing the consistency of a particular liquid or beverage into something that is easier to manage. Choosing the right type of food for dysphagia patient concerns can help alleviate some of their most distressing symptoms, including regurgitation and painful swallowing.

Finding products that are both odorless and tasteless is also helpful when dealing with swallowing issues. It always helps when dysphagia food or beverages can keep their original flavor. Even though you might need the consistency to change, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on taste.

Nutra/Balance Dysphagia Products

With our line of dysphagia food products, it’s easy to try varying consistencies in you or your loved one’s diet. Some items might be better as a pudding thickness, while others could benefit from a thickness like honey or a lighter version, like nectar.

Being able to customize your dysphagia food consistency can help find the right balance for your preferences and needs to increase your nutritional intake. You can mix as needed, or select one of our ready-made dysphagia products.

Thik & Clear

Customers love our instant thickener because it’s odorless, colorless, and tasteless. That way, you only notice the drink, not the mix. This product reaches its optimum consistency in just about five minutes. You can even mix it ahead of time and let it rest overnight. Once it’s mixed, it won’t ever over-thicken!

Pre-Thickened Water

These bottles of clean, ready-to-drink water are available in three different thickness options. And because they come pre-mixed, they’re great for when you need a base for other instant crystal beverages too.

We put our customers’ wellness first at Nutra/Balance, and we’re proud to offer products that can help simplify the way people address personal nutrition. If you have questions about which of our dysphagia food products are right for you or your loved one, please give us a call.

Please contact us directly at 800.654.3691 or 317.356.5478 to learn more. We look forward to serving you.