Nutritional Choices for Cancer Patient Foods

Cancer Treatment SupplementsIt can extremely difficult to meet nutritional guidelines when you or someone you love is being treated for cancer. When searching for cancer patient foods, it’s especially important to find products that are high-calorie and high-protein.

Many individuals experience loss of appetite and other side effects during treatment, so foods for cancer patients are typically designed to be eaten in smaller portion sizes. Sometimes it’s easier to get the nutrients you need in supplements for cancer, rather than full-serving meals.

Challenges with cancer patient nutrition

Unfortunately, it’s rather common for individuals to experience side effects that impact nutrition during cancer treatment. Every individual experiences different symptoms, but many of them have a direct effect on your eating habits. You may need to change your diet to help build your strength and find new sources of food to help with cancer during the treatment process.

Some of the most common challenges for meeting cancer patient nutrition requirements include:

Trying to find the right foods for cancer patients experiencing these side effects can be a challenge, so it’s important to talk with your care team about the best way to manage your symptoms. Nutra/Balance products are also here to help. With the right cancer nutritional supplements, you can give your body the nutrients it needs to help fight off fatigue, increase your calorie and protein intake, and power through your treatment plan.

Nutra/Balance supplements for cancer

Because many treatment plans see patients lose weight, your care team might recommended adding more high-fat or high-calorie foods to your diet. Relying only on whole food to help with cancer can become a real challenge when you don’t feel like eating, but our lineup of cancer patient foods and nutritional products, can help you eat well and keep your body nourished.

Protein Fortified Cookies

Our cookies are great protein supplements for cancer patients. As a high-calorie and high-protein food source, each one of our five flavors is specially designed to provide good, quality nutrition to individuals with smaller appetites. Also available with Garecien BC30 Probiotic.

Re/Gen Renal Supplement

These tasty drinks act as great liquid nutritional supplements for cancer patients. Although originally designed for patients on dialysis, the vanilla and strawberry flavors offer yummy options for milk substitutes with high-calorie and high-protein content.

We love being able to offer great-tasting, nutritional products to our customers! If you have any questions about how our supplements for cancer can benefit you or your loved one, please give us a call.

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