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Our mission is simple: We want to bring you quality nutrition and great taste. If it’s a struggle to maintain a balanced diet, our nutritional health supplements can help give your body what it needs most.

Nutra/Balance Products have been able to deliver smart solutions to families and individuals who need to round out their nutrition. Our products are carefully designed to address a variety of dietary concerns, but they still look familiar. We bake cookies with protein and blend fruit juice with fiber because we care about your wellness—and your taste buds!

The Nutra/Balance line of dietary health supplements are all-natural and physician-recommended too. When you feel like your diet or food choices are limited, just look at the options you have with our health nutrition supplements. We’re proud to offer you the very best.

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Each of one of our supplements for health serves a specific purpose for nutritional wellness. Our thickener products help individuals with swallowing issues, dysphagia, and our dietary nutritional supplements (protein cookies, high fiber fruit juices, etc.) are packed with nutrients. Smaller portions and specific ingredients let you eat a little and still get great benefits.

Juice Plus Fiber — Maintain a healthy digestive tract with this tasty fruit juice drink. Soluble fiber is hydrated fiber, and it can help with constipation or other digestive health issues.

Protein Fortified Cookies — Your nutritional health supplements can finally taste like homemade treats! These soft, chewy cookies are a delicious way to meet your high-calories, high-protein, and probiotic nutrition goals.

Re/Gen Renal Supplement — Although specially designed for patients on dialysis, the vanilla and strawberry flavor options for these dietary health supplements also work as a yummy milk substitute.

Pre-Thickened Water — Stay hydrated with the clean taste of clear, unflavored water. Available in three different thickness options, these products come ready-to-drink. You can even use them as a base for other easy to swallow instant crystal beverages.

Thik & Clear— Instant thickeners help you swallow easier to take in the fluids your body needs to stay hydrated and healthy. This product is odorless, colorless, and tasteless so you only notice the drink, not the mix.

We all feel better when we have the proper nourishment. If you or a loved one aren’t able to meet your recommended nutrient or calorie amounts, our dietary nutritional supplements can help.

Easy, direct ordering on all of our nutritional health supplements lets you simplify the shopping process and focus on what matters most—feeling better with a balanced diet.

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